Consolidation continues within the legal sector, and you should not ignore the opportunity to become part of a larger, stronger organisation for the future of your firm.

There are many reasons why you may wish to merge your firm for example, to retain & improve profitability, to attract new talent, to provide for succession planning, to offer specialist services, to maintain market position

You can list your firm for merger with us at no cost.

Your firm will be listed anonymously by turnover, location and work type, along with a brief description.

Potential merger partners will register interest in your firm, at which point we will notify you of their interest.

You will be provided with their name first, so you can decide whether to open talks only once you are comfortable disclosing your name.

Now is the time to consider merging your firm. Your competitors will certainly be thinking about this option, and our comprehensive database contains details of every law firm in the country, so that we can provide you with the best opportunity to find the right Merger partner.

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